Friday, March 27, 2009

Update:We're getting Bailout Money (Gov't Remix)

Hey all,

Not much to say the videos below will definitely speak for themselves... This is definitely something to follow if I can find more I will definitely pass along! I have also put in a link to the Republican "Road to Recovery" Plan to go along with the Rachel Maddow video (Video Link) (Video Link) (Video Link)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Silver Bullet

Well I know it has been a while no real excuses except I have been real lazy and honestly uninterested in the Bailout back and forth or anything else political for that matter. However, a question did come up… If a system is not currently working (in this case a major breakdown of the current capitalist society that we live in) does the government have an obligation to make it whole, or is that truly going above and beyond the scope of what we are founded on? On the other hand if nothing is done and total collapse is the outcome should the government then be held accountable for not doing something to prevent it? How dire is dire, are we on the verge of food lines again or are we just in a deep recession and will eventually come out of it and back to our gluttonous consumer lifestyles?

I have had many discussions with different people that see situation in totally different ways. Some are so scared they are hoarding money that they have, others are so unconcerned they are pretty much living life as usual with no real worries and then some are still pretty much keeping there normal lives going just with a little less extravagant spending and a little more saving for a rainy day. See the thing is no one has the perfect solution on what is the best course of action. Some people are trying to yank what’s left of there money out of the stock market, while others are willing to ride it out and other are even putting money into the market hoping that whatever they buy will last at least for the big turn around. The point of this is that if on a small household to household scale there is no succinct solution; then how is it expected for the government to have the silver bullet to make this all go away? For whatever reason people have forgotten that Politicians and those that work with them are just human like you and me; they are about as clueless with this as anyone of us would be.

Something we all can agree with… There is NO reason any company that is on corporate welfare (see-bailout) should give bonuses to the clowns that put them in the position to need “government assistance”