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Nov. 14, 2008- LB Who?!

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So I have been trying to rack my brain about what my next entry was going to discuss. Will it be President-Elect Obama's speculated cabinet choices and who it should be, who it may be and why? Well that was squelched with a conversation that was had within my office. One of our consultants that is a DNC Vice-Chair made a simple statement that put all the cabinet appointee specualtions into perspective... " ... Those who don't know talk, those who KNOW DON'T TALK!" So in the event you don't already know this link will help you get acquainted. (Transition Team... hmmm done)

Then I was all into getting an indepth analysis about the economy, especially on the heels of this GM/Auto Industry crisis (depending on who you ask) and I was reading tons and tons of articles looking at different sides etc. But I don't want to talk about that either... Fact of the matter is that the US-heck the WORLD- economy is in the toilet right now; as P-E Obama said 'it is going to get worse before it gets better" well welcome to worst... The bailout is on a new agenda -not rescue mortgage back assets but inject money DIRECTLY into institutions, everyone is coming out of the wood works for money, the drag on the taxpayers pockets are getting heavier BUT there still is no proper oversight... There is no nice way to put this; it is bleak, but we should take solice in the knowledge that it has been worse and we pulled through so I have no doubt... This too shall pass!

For your reading pleasure: Some really interesting reads some all the way back to 2004,8599,1858702-2,00.html

This is just to make you smile, because sometimes it just needs to be done

A conservatives view... Some interesting points indeed

What I did want to talk about was an issue I have... I, as I am sure you have as well, have been bombarded with tons of emails about Obama powerpoints, picture collages, words of encouragement, etc. Many of which have pictures on MLK, Lincoln and JFK all proclaiming from above that their dreams have finally been realized.

Which leads me to believe that there are some that are unaware that President Lyndon Baines Johnson not only passed the Civil Rights Act of '64 and those subsequent but passed it in spite of the cost of political capital... Now don't get me wrong upon research of Mr. Johnson it is speculated that he was racists in private valiant to the plight of minorities in public; generally a prick to everyone in Congress (and everyone in general) and pretty much strong armed all legislation through. How much of that is true is actually unknown but it seems to be consistent so I suppose you make your own assessment (upon reserching)... But all will agree that LBJ's "Great Society" was not a farce for political gain (because it truly served him none) but a belief that America was morally obligated to stand behind it's constiution and that all living under it to have the freedoms afforded within it.

I will not go on and on but I will give you some links below and I urge you to research LBJ and the Civil Rights Movement thoroughly.

"Growth is always worth the price you pay, because the alternative is a limited life with unfulfilled potential"- Anonymous

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sexilexi said...

Good Post! And I am loving the pics!! Makes a HUGE difference!! Now should invite some other bloggers to your site and you can do the same for them and get more hits!

On the entry tho, I did a little research on LBJ and idk about the closet racist, but I wouldn't put it past him. It *was* the 60s. I think he was just trying to keep the peace. I guess he figured that since blacks were such a small minority giving a little chance can't really affect too many people.

But yes, good post, and I did *skim* over the conservatives view and I kinda agree about not bailing companies out when they fall. I'm not against other companies doing it, but maybe not the gov't. Omg, am I a conservative???.....