Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update- Week 1 Down, 207 to go (415 hopefully) --- THE MIDDLE EAST‏

Hello All,

I am sure you enjoyed the inauguration of our 44th President, and I am SURE you all engaged in the countless prayer meetings, helping homeless people and quiet reverence of this historic event... I am SURE none of you great intellectuals partook of the drunken debauchery that encapsulated Washington DC and the 1.5 million "visitors" ;-) But now that the fun is over the work begins, and (as expected by many) President Obama has been on his job.

In his first formal interview since his inauguration, President Obama, with Dubai-based Arabic Satellite News Channel Al-Arabiya reiterated his promise of a true diplomacy in the Middle East. This comes on the heels of newly tapped Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, trip to Egypt to discuss new diplomacy and, more importantly, Gaza ceasefire. During the interview President Obama spoke of extending the hand of peace and diplomacy to Iran as long as Iran "Unclenched it's fist"; he also took the time to share with the, predominately Muslim, Middle East that the US are not enemies of Muslims and that the US had made some mistakes in the past, but there will be much more open diplomatic efforts (I really appreciated how he was able to insult President Bush in the nicest way possible)... President Obama also took this time to show support for Israel and their security, although, he did make it known that Israel and Palestine will have to make "tough desicions" to achieve peace.

"Growth is always worth the price you pay, because the alternative is a limited life with unfulfilled potential"- Anonymous

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