Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update- On the Defense

Last night former Vice President Cheney (arguably the most powerful VP since the first VP –John Adams- was sworn in on April 21, 1789) spoke to Sean Hannity in regards to President Obama’s release of Bush Administration memo’s post -911 about interrogations and terrorist suspects. Former VP Cheney stated concern over how he felt that President Obama was “apologizing” for the US actions and his action can be seen as “weak” amongst our allies and enemies alike. He also blasted Pres. Obama for shaking hands with and accepting gifts from Hugo Chavez claiming it “set the wrong standards”… Honestly at this point any and everything the President does will come with some form of criticism… It is the nature of the beast. But honestly the last eight years of administrative practices has left the US military stretched to the brink and the US on more people’s @#*& list; so why is it not time to try to regroup? Try another strategy.



In other news… Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean was blasted by Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger and Miss USA 2009 judge, for her response to the questions of gay marriage right in America. The short story is Mr.”Hilton” asked Ms. Prejean her views on gay marriage and she gave her honest answer stating that due to her biblical beliefs and upbringing she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Many have stated that this answer, which visibly upset “Hilton”, cost her the crown. Ms. Prejean later went on the TODAY show and defended her answer and her beliefs and felt that even if she had played the politically correct role she would have been untrue to her beliefs.

Regardless of how one feels about any subject everyone has a right to their opinion. Why this very polarizing politically charged question was even allowed in the pagent is beyond me, but the bigger issue is why people feel like if you don’t agree with their view you are wrong and are deserving of ridicule (“Hilton” went on his blog and called her a “Dumb Bitch”) while they expect their view to be tolerated and respected. Perez Hilton has done nothing but be a bad representative of the LGBT community… With that being said kudos to you Ms. Prejean

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