Thursday, October 30, 2008

April 17, 2008- Pennsylvania is a coming!!


Well let's start off with a quick reality check... Oil is trading at $115.04 per barrell. education in the US is under-funded, teachers are under-paid under-resourced and under-appreciated. The US currently has the worst medicare plan with the least amount of people covered. As of today the applications for unemployment benefits have risen to 372,000 an increase of 17,000 from last week, with a government based commerce group stating that the economic activity has risen 0.1% while a private ownes company finds that there has been an annual decline of economic activity since March 2007... All the while continuing a war that at this point I am not sure if it is worse to stay or go and is steadily heading towards the $1 TRILLION DOLLAR price tag which will only add to our already 'impressive" $9 TRILLION national debt.

With all that said can someone please tell me why are the debates mainly consisting of talks of Mrs. Clinton "over-exaggerating" her 1992 close call with snipper fire, Mr. Obama's "misunderstod/misstated" "bitter small town people" remarks, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers of the Weatherman Underground (who was an activist- and although I do not condone everything that they did- were exercising their constitutional rights AND Bill Ayers is now a law abiding citizen educating the masses at UOI), or anything else that has NOTHING to do with the issues at hand... I really don't care if Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton is elitist or not (Guess what... Most of them are... Maybe not all intentionally, however after you get to a certain point economically, class-wise, in regards to education you enter a new echelon of social status and you have to remind yourself of your humble beginnings if you even had humble beginnings to begin with!- Which many statesmen don't)

What I care about is how much more Uncle Sam is going to take of my humble earnings, when I start a family how is the education going to be, how much? My parents are getting older so when they get to a place where thay may need more medical assistance (No time soon Thank God) will they be able to afford it will I have to take on the responsibility because after years of working the government have taken their tax money and now won't help them out? When will this recession end and how close are we to a depression? THAT is what I care about!

************************************* End Rant************************************ ;-)

It is less than one week away from the Pennsylvania Primary and possibly the beginning of the end of this marathon democratic nomination contest. Just to be up to date (According to MSNBC) Obama has 1416 elected delegates + 231 superdelegates* which makes a total of 1647 Clinton has 1252 elected delegates + 259 superdelegates* for a total of 1511 towrards the 2025 needed for the nomination and John McCain is the presumptive republican nominee.

Pennsylvania is a big notch in the election belt for both candidates; for the fact that it is a middle America predominantly working class state. The ecomony, healthcare and education are the main issues focused on while there is also a huge rift in within the states in regards to gun rights... It has been predicted that the outcome of this contest will very well decide if surrender flags will go up or if the battle shall continue and with Senator Clinton's lead being anywhere from 4 pts ahead to 20 pts ahead I predict this may lead to nothing at all but a continued uphill battle (but I can hope for the best). (Obama talks gun control) (McCain Addresses NRA)

In the mean time McCain has given his proposed economic agenda which is filled with Gas Tax holiday's, a total shut down of earmarks and government backed mortgages... Very ambitious to say the least... Also on the republican front the biggest non-surprise is the fact that McCain is heavily toying with the idea of Romney as his running mate and Romney may be considering it (of course this is all speculation nothing solid yet).,8599,1730546,00.html?xid=rss-politics-cnn

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