Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feb. 5, 2008- Super Tuesday

Good Morning All

Today is Super Tuesday please see the links below for a brief explanation and history of Super Tuesday. Also some links from MSNBC and CNN that will give you some insight on predictions, and what the political pundits and political gurus are speculating. If any HUGE developments arise throughout the day I will certainly let you know, but for the most part things won't really start taking shape until later this evening.

The big state to watch is the beautiful state of California ;-) ... With California having 173 delegates up for grabs (a large number of Latin-American and women voters); a win in Cali may be inconclusive however it will speak on the current sentiments of voters on the democratic side of the table. In contrast, for the republicans a big win in all the states (since many more states on the repub side are winner-take-all darwinism at its finest) would all but crown the Republican Presidential nominee.

Have a great day!

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