Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feb. 6, 2008- ST Update

Hello All,

Well Super Tuesday has come and gone and the outcomes for the Dems and Repubs are pretty much what was expected (Clinton took the big delegate rich states Cali, NY. Missouri etc. she held on strong to women and Latino votes and Obama won most of the small states doing an impressive political "beatdown" in the south).

On the democratic side; Senators Obama and Clinton ended up in a statistical dead-heat with 485 and 582 delegates respectively. On the Republican side McCain, although propelled himself further to the front with 516 delegates (clinching 43.3% of the necessary delegates needed for nomination) Romney (207) and Huckabee (142) both vowed to ride it out. Romney who originally said that this is a battle and essentially there is no "crying" in battle did just that; complaining that McCain's win was only due to a "backroom deal" between him and Huckabee. But in actually a strong Evangelical voter base of Hucakbee keep him above water last night.

I personally was very excited about the voting turnout; the youth vote (18-29) and the African American vote was defintiely felt and interestingly enough Obama received a huge White Male Vote ages (39-60) mostly baby-boomers. I sent in my absentee ballot early (I refuse to give up my Cali status especially with my fellow constituents voting in Swartzenegger and other foolishness), however many of my friends voted (some that have never voted before) and they said the lines were thick and no one was leaving until their vote was counted!! If nothing else Senators Clinton and Obama's campaign have created a synergy that is overflowing into the masses and breathing new life into democracy...

Please find below links in regards to past women and African American Presidential candidates.

Got to earn my pay now!! Have a blessed one!!!

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