Thursday, October 30, 2008

March 5, 2008- Last Night Changed It All?

Hello my Beautiful Black People

Coming into Jr. Super Tuesday with Clinton on the business end of an 11 straight contest loss it was predicted that if Obama went on to win that the Democratic Party would urge Senator Clinton to bow out as to clear the path for preparing for the big showdown in November. With that said last night was a much needed win for Senator Clinton and as she did in New Hampshire, when her back was against the wall, she pulled through (with wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island Obama took Vermont). So what does this mean?

Well mathematically Clinton would have to win the next 16 contests with a margin well above 51% to win enough elected delegates for the nimonation; although that is virtually impossible she can now go to the super delegates and plead the case that she has carried Ohio (historically what Ohio says goes for the country) and can carry it against John McCain in November. This win has prompted talks of a do-over in Florida and Michigan (which if you remember lost their delegates back in January for holding their primaries before Super Tuesday but Clinton winning a "symbolic")... So basically without either candidate dropping out and Clinton gaining momentum again last night has come to mean absolutely nothing... This is the nomination that never ends.

If you watched the debates "way back when" before super tuesday, one of the final questions were "What about an Obama, Clinton Clinton, Obama dream ticket" and the crowd went absolutely wild. Both candidates played coy and laughed it off, but it looks like Senator Clinton is showing a little leg and openly flirting with the constituents and the idea of "The Dream Ticket" on CBS morning show she said " Well it could head that way, I mean we need to work out who is on top and I think Ohio said it should be me" (Paraphrased). All while Obama and his camp are keeping completely mum on that possiblity instead staying on task of fighting for the nomination. But as an FYI past nomination rivals that ended on a winning ticket... JFK and LBJ/ Reagan and Bush 41

On the Repubs side, no real news, McCain won necessary delegates for nomination, Huckabee bowed out, Bush is endorsing McCain. (Hillary Wins Texas, Ohio , RI Shared Ticket?) (CNN analysis of Last Night) (McCain Bush endorsement) (Video of Tim Russert's analysis)

Item of interest... (OT Vermont votes to have Bush and Cheney indicted) (State of African American women)

Today in Black History...

1770- Crispus Attucks became one of the first casualties of the Boston Massacre.

"Growth is always worth the price you pay, because the alternative is a limited life with unfulfilled potential"- Anonymous

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