Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jan. 16, 2008- Las Vegas Debates and Michigan Primaries

Good Morning All,

Starting with the Nevada debates (without Dennis Kucinich who lost a last minute court battle to participate in the debate due to his lacking of 5% public interest to participate)...

Obama and Clinton publicly kissed and made-up spending time to show respect for each others civil rights commitments and showing respect for EVERYONE that was involved in our ancestors fight for civil right liberties. They did their best to placate the recent intense (and overdone) race debates between the two camps; blaming "over zealous supporters" for the flurry of race-laced sound bites! While John Edwards tried to use the debate as an opportunity to remind the voters about the issues (Iraq, Environment, etc.) and that he is still a relevant factor in this race...

( make sure to follow the links about the Kucinich court battles and the "reconcilliation" between the Obama and Clinton camps)

On the Michigan Primary side Romney edged out a much needed when for his camp; which many believe was due to his "Native Son" campaign. With Romney winning last nights primary it really leaves this thing wide open for the Repubs and the outcome in South Carolina is going to really shape the primaries moving forward.

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