Thursday, October 30, 2008

August 28, 2008- Update DNC Day 3

Wednesday night at the Democratic Convention was an electrifying night that was a wonderful precursor to the finale this evening; the double headliners for the evening were Former President Bill Clinton and VP nominee Joe Biden and they did not disappoint. Much of the media and republican pundits have tried to down play the support that Senator Clinton vowed for the Campaign of Senator Obama; insinuating that it “Wasn’t enough” and that is “Was what she HAD to do to not seem like a sore loser”. However, any doubt that the Clinton Camp did not truly support Obama and Senator Biden was greatly dispelled last night.

President Clinton began with congratulating his wife on her spectacular campaign and as any supporter was admittedly disappointed that his candidate, wife, did not win. But that he was fully supporting Barack Obama, not just for unity sake but because he is the right man for the job; he elaborated on Obama’s capability in proper decision making, referring to his running mate choice of Senator Biden, how through the knowledge and capability of Barack and the proven record of Biden they are a team that will not only take back the White House but will take back the economy, health care, education and foreign diplomacy. President Clinton left the podium leaving not a shadow of a doubt that he and Senator Clinton fully supported Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Senator Biden is known for his “gift of gab” and at times that being not as much a gift, but Senator Joseph Biden took the opportunity to show the convention and the viewing audience that he is a Father, a Son, a Husband, a Widower, a Grandfather, a Civic Leader and a supporter of Barack Obama and the America the Obama wants to build. Nothing brash or harsh only truth and honesty, which reminded us why Joe Biden was a favorite in the early running and why Barack choose him as his running mate. Joe Biden is the Delaware Senator with blue collar charm and the Foreign Relations know how and he left everyone feeling a lot more comfortable and a lot more energized. The speech ended with a surprise appearance from Senator Obama that further intensified the dynamics of the evening.

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