Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feb. 19, 2008- Wisconsin, Hawaii and Other Things

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry I know I have been MIA; My Mother was in town last week (Hi Mommy!!!), then I have bgeen working on presentations ALL week!! I am still working on presentations so I will have to make this quick, but I promise I will update regularly.

1- The Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries are tomorrow. The race is still very close but if Obama continues to forge ahead and gain wins with these smaller contest the other side of winter may look very different for both candidates. Another problem is that the closer this race gets the more negative the campaigns get and if this divide continues the democratic party will definitely lose.

2- I had mentioned to a few friends and Mommy ;-) that I had a real problem with no one being able to articulate why they support Obama outside of the fact that he can "bring about change". I personally think that Obama and Clinton both deserve more than that; one should not pick a candidate because they are this race or that gender or because they have catch phrase that sounds good, or any other reason outside of that their proposed policies and addressed issues align with your own. With that being said I was shown a clip from you-tube of a brother that not only knows why he is supporting Obama but also how to articulate it in superb detail (Thanks! )... Made me proud!!!

Be Blessed
Ashanti C. Brown

"Growth is always worth the price you pay, because the alternative is a limited life with unfulfilled potential"- Anonymous

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