Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feb. 6, 2008- Superdelegates vs. Pledged Delegates

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This may also account for the numerical and statistical data differences

Superdelegates are delegates to a presidential nominating convention in the United States who are not legally bound by the decisions of party primaries or caucuses. Superdelegates are current elected officeholders and current party officials as well as former elected officeholders and former party officials. They are sometimes referred to as "unpledged delegates," but some unpledged delegates are not superdelegates[citation needed]. In addition, some elected officeholder delegates and party official delegates are pledged.

Whereas pledged delegates ARE legally bound by the party primary and caucus decision.

I have been told that Obama has more PLEDGED DELEGATES and Clinton has more SUPERDELEGATES (which is good for Obama not so good for Clinton)


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