Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jan. 22, 2008- Debates


First I hope everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing and reflective holiday weekend!! This particular MLK holiday was special for a few reasons; this being the first holiday without Mrs. Coretta Scott King. This woman was one of the iconic mother, wife and leader of the civil rights movement and the fact that if it were not for the tears, blood, sweat and lives of those that fought for US this historic election would not be taking place!!

Now on to the debate... Now for the most part I try to make my emails without opinions about anything because to be honest I have made no decision on who to support and last night was a perfect example on why... Although the verbal bout between Obama and Clinton was entertaining I think that it was soooo not on topic... We get it you guys don't like each other... I mean, yeah Obama and Clinton both glossed over the regular tax, education, and healthcare rhetoric but it was more on the "Watching two elementary school children go at it on the playground" vibe with the audience (peanut gallery) adding their boos, ooohhs and aaaahhs. Not like two people that are concerned about the welfare of the country in which they hope to lead into a new more socially prosperous direction!

John Edwards managed to stay out of the mud and made one of the ONLY statements I agreed with...
"This kind of squabbling -- how many children is this going to get health care? How many people are going to get education because of this? How many kids are going to get to go to college because of this?" Edwards said to cheers from the crowd. "I respect both of my fellow candidates, but we have got to understand this is not about us personally."

Well I am done with my little rant look below for the links of the CNN article and debate transcripts. Please read through the transcipts and ask yourself where these candidates stand on the ISSUES!! If not enough information is giving get on the net and see where they stand via statements made and US Senate floor vote records

Transcript part one

Transcript part two

Transcript part three

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