Thursday, October 30, 2008

May 6, 2008- Update One-on-One

Hello All,

Originally I was planning on commenting on Senator Obama's appearance on Meet the Press this past Sunday, his views on Jeremiah Wright, this proposed (and mathematically inept) gas tax Holiday et cetera, but I want to go in a different direction so I have attached the link to actually watch the show for yourself below.

However this morning I was watching the Today Show and the anchors were discussing the recent cyclone tradgedy in Myanmar (aka Burma) and they played a clip of First Lady Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush commented on how the ruling party of Myanmar rescue efforts for the citizens were deplorable and disgraceful... WHAT?!??!!? I could have sworn that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans that the water logged ninth ward looked like the lost city of Atlantis except with DEAD BODIES floating around, crying babies, crying adults, and many other unspeakable conditions and where was Laura's husband?

Oh how soon we forget how the President just sat on his behind for what seemed like an eternity while the people of N.O. were left to fend for themselves in "deplorable" and "disgraceful" conditions... And where was Laura then? Who was she speaking out against then?

Please please please I am begging be extra mindful this election, it is so not a game... Economy out of control (high gas and oil prices, rising food prices, homes going into foreclosures at an alarming rate), losing countless young lives daily in a war that should have been over long ago, education and healthcare systems that are in desperate need of overhaul... And this is what matters

Just in case you like First Lady Bush forgot about Hurricane Katrina...

"Growth is always worth the price you pay, because the alternative is a limited life with unfulfilled potential"- Anonymous

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